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chemical Reactions, Atoms, Molecules,Macro Structures, Micro Structures,Energetics and Dynamics, chemical Theory,Chemical Systems,Chemical Design,Chemistry of Life,Chemistry of the Environment videos on chemistry roughly covering a first-year high school or college course.  Topics include Introduction to the atom, Orbitals and electrons, Periodic table, trends, and bonding, Chemical reactions (stoichiometry), Ideal gas laws, States of matter, Reaction rates, Acids and bases,Oxidation reduction, Radioactive decay PowerPoint presentations,measurement and math in chemistry,lab equipment,lab safety,writing the lab report,scientific measurement,scientific notation,atomic structure and nuclear chemistry,electrons and periodic behavior,chemical bonding,valence,metallic bonding,covalent bonding,molecular nomenclature,molecular theory, solids,liquids and solutions,kinetics and thermodynamics,ph calculations
Chem4Kids has information on the elements, matter, atoms, an interactive periodic table, chemical reactions, biochemistry and the site is available in Spanish. is an interactive periodic table, with a great deal of information about each element. WebElements is an amazing interactive periodic table, and includes detailed information about each element.
chemistry periodic table, general gas equation,graham’s law of diffusion,avogadro’s law,gay lussac’s law, pressure temperature law, boyle’s law, gases,heat,phases,solids,  liquids,gases, electronegativity,polar bonds,covalent bonds,polymer chemistry,geochemistry, inorganic compounds,astrochemistry ions,acids,bases,mineral species descriptions,crystallization,crystallography common molecules,polymers,liquid crystals, second law of thermodynamics,atoms simulations,balancing equations,greenhouse gasses,equation balancer,unit conversions,molar conversions, quantitative analysis in chemistry,qualitative analysis in chemistry,organic chemistry, mineralogy,electronic journals,crystallography,chemistryacronyms chemistry study guides,fundamentals of chemistry, units,scientific notation, significant figures,the periodic table,atomic structure,chemical bonding,properties of chemical bonds,ionic bonds,covalent bonds,molecular orbitals,stoichiometry,gas pressure,ideal gases,kinetic molecular theory,real gases,chemical solutions,colligative properties of solutions,solubility,acids and bases,ph calculations,buffers,titrations,electrochemistry,galvanic cells,electrolytic cells,thermodynamics,kinetics,reaction rate laws,reaction mechanisms,organic chemistry,organic atomic structure,organic molecular orbitals,organic covalent bonding,organic structure of alkanes,conformations of alkanes,carbocycles,organic enantiomers and diastereomers,stereoisomers,stereochemistry Chemistry, chemistry news,organic chemistry,inorganic chemistry
chemistry,experiments,games,science fair projects,quizzes,fun facts,videos,worksheets chemistry,science,atoms,molecules,gas,minerals,ionic compounds,molecular movement,the chemistry of fireworks,the science of chocolate chemistry,tutorial,elements,matter,reactions,biochemistry
chemistry videos covering such topics as chemistry of cooking,elements compounds,mixtures,gases,boyle's law,chemistry magic show,chemistry and the environment,chemical and physical changes,properties of matter,organic chemistry: conjugate acids and bases,chemistry of fireworks,chemistry of thanksgiving,liquids and gases (states of matter),forms of matter,nanotechnology,food chemistry,water chemistry,ap chemistry,scientific measurement,atomic structure,introduction to nuclear chemistry,chemistry of explosions,acids and bases,reaction rates,acids and bases,oxidation reduction,radioactive decay,atmospheric pollution,conservation of matter,periodic table, reactions in chemistry interactive games,chemistry games,kitchen chemistry chemistry,chemistry concepts,chemical reactions.
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