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The Internet Public Library Social Issues and Social Welfare provides information for researchers. Debatepedia, endorsed by the National Forensic League and presented by the International Debate Education Association, is an encyclopedia of pro and con arguments and quotes on critical issues. St. Ambrose University Library has a list of Hot Topics in this field.
Multnomah County Library Social Issues has a comprehensive list of links for this field. YouThink! Global Issues provides a section called Learn the Facts!  Explore the major issues our world is facing and then share your ideas and opinions! Science Daily Social Issues News provides information for researchers.
The mission of ProCon is to
'promote critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, primarily pro-con format.' ProPublica provides information related to journalism in the public interest. Public Agenda helps communities and the nation solve tough problems through: Research that illuminates people's views & values; Engagement that gets people talking, learning from each other and working together on solutions; and Communications that spreads the word and builds momentum for change.
FRONTLINE,public affairs,news,controversial issues The White House Issues Page provides information related to national issues. This site includes information and opinions on Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Issues is the monthly print magazine of nonpartisan, non-advocacy,public opinion polling,demographic research affirmative action,death penalty,school vouchers,minimum wage,legalization of marijuana,u.s. role as world`s policeman,required testing in schools,abortion,malpractice lawsuit caps,u.s. as sole superpower,u.s.-u.n. involvement,anwr oil drilling,cia-led coups,mexico border fence,taxing the rich,terrorist prisoner torture,flat tax,oil windfall profits tax,	civil liberties in wartime,war with iran,
social security privatization, legal immigration,physician-assisted suicide,gun control,unions,dream act/path to citizenship for illegals,balanced budget amendment.
DebateGraph is an award-winning, cloud-based service that offers individuals and communities a powerful way to learn about and deliberate and decide on complex issues. civil rights movement,the census,civil rights enforcement,constitutional citizenship,criminal justice system,disability rights, education,equal opportunity,hate crime,health care,housing,lending,human rights,immigration,indigenous peoples,jobs,the economy,judiciary,lgbt rights,media,technology,poverty,welfare,racial profiling,religious freedom,seniors,social security,transportation equity,voting rights,women's rights,workers' rights. news,issues,politics.
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