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Arts,Crafts,Music,Language Arts,History,Holidays,Geography,Social Studies,Puzzles and Games Alkphamarks,Virtual Learning Resources Center,knowedge portals,Computers,Internet,Awards,Competitions,Encyclopedias,Government Information,Magazines,Statistics,Subject Guides,Catalogs,Tutorials Awesome Library organizes the Web with 37,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.
Internet Public Library,kids,Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, History, Religion,Computers,Internet,Online Games,Health &Nutrition,Math &Science,Art,Music,Sports Library Spot provides information related to : Academic Libraries,K-12 Libraries,Books,Literary Criticism,Podcasts,Poetry,Acronyms,Associations,Biographies,Calculators,Calendars,Countries,Current Events,Genealogy,Images,Maps,Music,Quotations ,Public Records,Zip Codes Dib Dab Doo is a kid safe family filtered internet search engine.
Internet Scout provides information related to : research,education,esperts,news,current events The Virtual Learning Resources Center provides information related to : Journalism,American history,Literature,Literary criticism,Astronomy, Biology,Chemistry,Physics,Zoology, Mathematics,Art History, Music, Sculpture, Painting, Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Anthropology, Economics, Education, Social Problems, Social Statistics, Recreation, Sports, Technology The Virtual Reference Library provides information related to : Arts and Crafts,Authors, Awards,  Children's Books, Search Engines, Adult Basic Literacy Education, Space Exploration,Travel,
Tourism, Politics, Political Parties, Health, Archaeology, Canadian History,
Gardening, Pets, Immigration, Citizenship, Writing and Style Guides, Canada, Newspapers, French Language Resources, Ethics, Mythology, Occultism, Religion, Dinosaurs, Sociology, Hockey, Sports, Hobbies, Collecting and Collectibles
online encyclopedias,Scholarpedia,Encyclopedia,Smithsonian,,Encyberpedia,Columbia Encyclopedia,CIA World Fact Book,Canadian Encyclopedia,Altapedia Dewey Browse provides information related to:  Museums, Witch Trials, Philosophy, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Cooking, Geography, History, Travel, Biography, Mythology, Religion, Mathematics, Literature, Teacher Resources, Search Engines and more. RefDesk provides information related to: Stocks, Maps, News, Finance, images, photographs, Perpetual Calendar, Currency Converter,Comics, Social Bookmarking, Farmer's Almanac, Poetry, Sports, Business News, Weather, Headlines, U.S. Statistics, Hospital Rankings, Facts, Puns, Search Engine News, Computer Viruses, Trivia, Crosswords, Composers, Events, Moon Phases, SAT Preparation, Analogy, Analogies and more.
Schools Wikipedia provides an information portal for schools. Government Info for Kids �a�r�t�s�, � �c�o�m�p�u�t�e�r�s�, �h�e�a�l�t�h�, � �n�e�w�s�, � �p�e�o�p�l�e� �a�n�d� �s�o�c�i�e�t�y�, s�p�o�r�t�s� �a�n�d� �h�o�b�b�i�e�s�, � �t�e�e�n� �l�i�f�e�,, and much more!
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A Google alternative safe search engine for high school students TeacherTopia is designed to provide resources, lesson plans, and more for K-12 teachers. The Virtual Learning Resources Center is a student friendly educator approved search engine of selected reference and research information sites especially for high school and college students.   The Academic Reference and Research Index is a high level educator approved search engine of selected reference and research scholarly information sites for college students.   A Google alternative safe search engine for elementary school kids