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solar system,planets,comets,asteroids,comets,the moon,space exploration, rocketry, early astronauts, space missions, spacecraft earth day news,astronomy,space science,photographs,night sky
tsunamis,mineralogy,earth sciences,astronomy,environmental sciences,hurricanes,volcanoes,tides,oceanographic research,lightning,water,gems and minerals,earthquakes,el nino,satellite images,and Earth facts Infotopia has resources for biomes, including images, charts, maps and more. is the offical kids` portal for the U.S. government.
NASA`s Visible Earth includes images and animations of our home planet, earth. The Hooper Virtual Natural History takes students to fossils, and all sorts of items of geological interest. With categories from astronomy to volcanoes, includes news articles about earth science, maps, dictionaries, images, and more.
plate techtonics,continental drift,continents Infotopia has many resources on the water cycle. Earth science,weather,climate, weather forecasting,hurricanes,tornados,space weather, atmosphere
EarthSky brings scientists' words and insights to a large audience through this web site. Explore these Infotopia resources on landforms. NASA's Science web site links to information about the earth, heliophysics, astrophysics, and the planets.
NASA`s Eye on the Earth Global Climate Change web site is produced by the Earth Science Communications Team at
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology. The U.S. Geological Survey web site covers topics from earthquakes to floods, and includes maps and real-time data for students. Annenberg's includes Essential Science for Teachers: Earth and Space Science, which consists of eight FREE one-hour online video programs accompanied by print and Web materials that provide in-class activities and homework explorations.
natural disasters,hurricanes,tsunamis,floods,wildfires,forest fires,tornadoes,earthquakes,volcanoes Read and learn about volcanoes on Annenberg Interactives. The BBC has a very informative site on fossils.
space earth science videos,planet Earth,the Universe moon.phasesw of the moon,calculator global warming videos
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